Thanks for submitting your 2024 projects for the IES Illumination Awards!
We’re looking forward to our 2024 IES Omaha Section Awards Celebration.

Announcing the People's Choice Award

We’re excited to announce a new award category for 2024. Check out the award page for more information!


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The IES Omaha Awards is an awards program judged by a small panel of local and regional industry professionals, separate from the national IES Illumination Awards (IA). Any project submitted to the IES Illumination Awards under the IES Omaha Section will be automatically eligible for the Omaha Awards. The IES Omaha Section wants to recognize local projects and designers for their contributions in advancing lighting design in the Omaha area.

Local awards will be categized into two tiers – Excellence and Distinction, with Excellence being the highest tier and representing the best projects in the area. Award judging and number of awards issued will be based on the panels critique of submitted projects, with the IES IA rubrics provided to the panel to assist in the judging process.

Judges for the IES Omaha Awards are selected from a broad professional spectrum that represents knowledge of lighting and design excellence with ties to the Omaha and Midwest region. The judging system is based entirely on how well the lighting design does or does not meet the program criteria. This program is not a competition. The program is open to any qualified entrant without limitations as to professional affiliations.

For more information on the IES Illumination Awards, please visit their webpage.